Data driven loyalty in cross channel

Insight about customers from different applications will help you do 1:1 personlized marketing

Payment card to identify the customer

We support all types of payment cards to identify the customers to understand the customer automatically in offline stores.

Rewards & gamifications

You can give customer bonus points for purchases, or points for invites their friends to your loyalty program. Our platform help you entertain and get your customer more active.

Offline & online stores

dSAFE bridge the gap between online & offline stores to get full insight!

CRM & Marketing

Communicate with customers based on customer profile and purchase history through app, SMS and email.

1:1 personalized

Set up different deals, offers, coupons based on who they are and what they have bought.

Multichannel & multi device

Reach customers in all channels and all devices. Send offers, deals, coupons through SMS, Email or in apps. The deals & coupons will also be integrated with e-commerce and Point of sale, so the customer get right price in check-out.

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