G-MAX improves customer satisfaction with digital receipts

 – G-MAX aims to inspire and create simpler shopping experiences. With digital receipts our customers get simpler and more positive interaction when changing or returning purchases. At the same time this is a forward thinking strategical decision where electronic channels are becoming an even more integral part of the shopping experience.

Kjetil Hans Løken
Director of marketing in the sports division
Gresvig AS

Better customer experience

Digital receipts simplifies the shopping experience and improves customer satisfaction. The receipts are sent automatically to your customers from the Point of Sale system.

Award-winning simplicity

Our solution is completely automated, there are no new routines needed at the counter. dSAFE won the Digital Winners award 2012 for our simple to use service.

Reduces waste and helps the environment

Digital receipts enable you and your customers to help the environment by wasting less paper, as well as avoiding contact with the endocrine disrupting chemical bisfenol A present in most paper receipts.

dSAFE deliver the service Electronic Receipt to Digipost