Analyze your data in Cloud in real-time

Analyze your data and make informed decisions!

Real-time Dashboard

Create as many Dashboard as you want. Drag & Drop widgets in your Dashboad to visualise your most important KPIs.

Analyze your sales

Quick insight about which store improves their revenue, profit, avg shopping cart etc and which one underperforme. Be aware of your peak hours, know what part of your inventory is most popular and which items generate the most revenue. See how customer behavior changes throughout the day, week or month.


dSAFE support multiple data sources like sales data from POS, sales data from e-commerce, customer data, payment and transcational data and more. dSAFE has already integrated with major POS software partners.

Cloud powered, no more maintainance or scaling problems

Do not worry about scaling or internal hardware problems. Scaling and maintenance is handled by dSAFE.

Easy pricing

Pay based on receipt volume. Unlimited users. No hidden fees.

Access your data anywhere, on any device

Log in and see your data on any device with a modern browser. Analytics is ready to be used from any location at any time.